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Innføring av betongpumpe

Tid: 2021-06-16 Treff: 97

Det store betongpumpeutstyret er egnet for den store betongkonstruksjonen, inkludert bygning, høyhastighets vei og flyover og så videre.

Concrete delivery pump or concrete pump is composed of pump body and pipeline. It is a machine used to convey concrete constantly through pipeline by pressure and mainly suitable for house building, bridge and tunnel construction. So far, it can be divided into sluice valve and S valve concrete pump. Another kind of pump truck puts the pump body on the automobile chassis and is equipped with a concrete placing boom which can be flexible and anaclastic.

Fine Stone Diesel Concrete Pump

Teila Our company is always in line with the principle that honesty is the fundamental to be a man and also the business management of a enterprise. Therefore, the staff should bear in mind principles of “Customer First, Reputation First, Quality First and Service First” and then spread and flourish it. Since the establishment of our company, every member of company is strict with themselves and surpasses themselves. And we pursue higher production capability. We serve for all users with persistent efforts, unremitting self-improvement, higher quality, more moderate price, better service and excelsior working attitude.