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Kambodsjas klienter besøkte betongpumpelederbasen i Hunan Teila

Tid: 2014-06-15 Treff: 86

On June 15 to 17, 2014, Cambodia clients visited the concrete pump leader base of Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery Service Co., Ltd. to see concrete pumps remanufacture process and discuss the cooperation.

Mr. Tan Yong, General Manager of Hunan Teila Heavy Industry Machinery Service Co., Ltd. and Mr.Liu Zhengfan, Technical supervisor accompanied them through the whole tour and expressed the warm welcome to our friends, also introduced the history of the company and the concrete machinery industry situation.

Our Cambodia clients highly praised on our strength and service, said it's a rewarding business trip which will effectively promote the mutual cooperation. After meeting, The principal expressed the willingness to further establish a business relationship and decided to sign a new contract with four sets of refurbished concrete pumps directly.

The trip ended with great success, we believe that the cooperation between us will get closer and closer.