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Have you encountered some headaches in rights protection?

In order to expand the protection of consumer rights and cooperation and exchanges between countries and regions in the world, since 1987, consumer organizations across the country have jointly organized grand commemorative activities with relevant departments and used various forms of publicity on March 15th. The relevant laws and regulations and their results to protect the rights and interests of consumers promote the whole society to care about and support the protection of consumerrights and interests. The publicity activities of "3.15 International Consumer Rights Day" have become social activities with extensive social influence and far-reaching significance.Simultaneously with the "3.15 International Consumer Rights Day", there is a peak season for purchases of gold and silver in the construction machinery industry!

In this used construction machinery  market, the era of spring is fully ushered in, according to the usual practice in previous years. The demand for second-hand equipment transactions in the concrete machinery industry is mainly concentrated around 2 months before and after the Spring Festival! Affected by repeated epidemics during the peak season at the end of last year, strict control over the migrant population across the country resulted in many customers who wanted to purchase second-hand pump trucks a year ago and were unable to travel on their own to purchase equipment. Achieved the explosion of second-hand concrete equipment trading volume at the beginning of this year!


With the prosperity and development of the industry, there are always some disreputated dealers and speculative scammers who use all kinds of unrestricted methods to "fill the good ones" and use equipment that is far below the market price to attract customers and even falsely report the cars. Sources defraud customers' sincerity money and other incidents abound.Really good condition and cost-effective equipment Efficient, transparent, and honest platformBut was buried


The trusted choice of millions of concrete line customers!

After 10 years of exploration and practice in the second-hand concrete industry,Teila machineryhas a senior evaluation team, over 80% industry resource coverage, 50,000+ customers, and 500 million+ year matching business volume. Stand out among many car dealers and trading platforms in the industry!Mastering the market's first-hand car source information and screening and screening through big data on the entire network, we can select and select low-cost and good equipment that meets the needs of customers. With super cost-effective high-quality equipment, super high business level, super transparent transaction process and service guarantee, Tiejuren people have gained a certain reputation in the industry. Let the industry customers go wrong, save time, effort and money to select the right equipment. Therefore, 

all customers can feel at ease to hand over their orders to us.