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Grupo Novaĵoj de Teila

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2021 Niu Zhuan Qiankun丨Teila Grupo deziras al vi feliĉan novan jaron!

Tempo: 2021-02-05 Sukcesoj: 107

The weather is exhausted, and the weather is harmonious.On this traditional lunar new year, all the leaders and employees of the Teila Group extend New Year’s greetings and heartfelt wishes to all walks of life who care about the group and customers who support the work! Forge ahead with wind and rain, forge ahead and create brilliance.


Looking back at 2020, a lot of feelings are growing this year.This year, this year of troubles and hopes intertwined, the global spread of pneumonia has brought a severe test to the entire construction machinery industry, disrupting everyone's established plans, and the downstream demand data for construction machinery has seen a cliff-like decline. , Making the construction machinery industry more confusing.


This year,Teila Group managed to survive through unremitting efforts! And in March 2020, together with the "Changsha Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Changsha Construction Machinery Association" and other units, initiated the establishment of the "Changsha Construction Machinery Association Second-hand Equipment Alliance", and Mr. Tan Yong, Chairman of Teila Group, was elected as the deputy director of the alliance. Long, work together to promote the development of Changsha construction machinery industry cluster!


This year, a special construction machinery feast awakened the immersive "Construction Machinery Capital". As Asia's largest second-hand equipment trading exhibition, Teila Group was invited to attend and exhibited more than 30 high-quality second-hand equipment And a number of Heny remanufactured pump trucks and Jiangxing Heavy Industries pump truck new machines! In just 2 days, Teila people provided professional services to thousands of industry customers. Although the exhibition is over, we believe that this encounter is only the beginning.


This year, the "Limited Time Special Offer for Second-hand Equipment" model with Teila's characteristics was officially launched, breaking the opacity of the industry, allowing buyers to purchase high-quality  equipment at a good price, saving time, effort and money for concrete buyers.Teila Group's overall service guarantee estisrecognized by customers, and its ultra-high transaction rate has established its reputation in the industry. Since its launch in April 2020, 286 selected second-hand equipment on the platform have been put on the shelves, and the number of transactions reached 194, with a total value of 77.6 million, ranking the forefront of the industry with a transaction rate of 68%.


This year, thanks to the correct decision of the party and the government, the country's anti-epidemic results have achieved major victories. The impact of the epidemic has  gradually subsided, and sales in the construction machinery industry have begun to rebound. With the gradual implementation of subsequent infrastructure policies,  gradually subsided, and sales in the construction machinery industry have begun to rebound. With the gradual implementation of subsequent infrastructure policies, the continuous sales growth of second-hand concrete equipment indicates that the industry has completely stepped out of the shadow of the epidemic and ushered in a peak sales season delayed by the epidemic.


This year, in order to actively respond to policy calls, promote the efficient circulation of second-hand equipment for construction machinery in China, and standardize the evaluation and trading of second-hand equipment in the industry,Teila Group will combine the industrial advantages of the platform ecological chain to launch new second-hand equipment transactions for concrete banks. The new model, 2021 will turn the world around, let us do something big together!Difficulties, Yuru Yucheng. All employees of Teila Group have achieved the growth of the company's business with rock-solid confidence, vigilance, perseverance and perseverance. I would like to thank new and old customers for their continued support and love to work hand in hand to get out of the 2020 predicament. In 2021, we will spare no effort to serve our customers even harder!